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Learn to drive with JG Drive

Driving lessons in  with JG Drive

Landline : 02477 411 055 Mobile : 07967 379 539

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Covering : • Bedworth • Bulkington • Hinckley • Nuneaton

About JG Drive

Hi my name is Jonny of JG Drive and I am a DVSA Grade 5 Approved Driving Instructor covering Nuneaton, Bedworth, Coventry and surrounding areas.

Also now covering Nottingham at special request.

I pride myself on providing the best quality driving lessons at a reasonable price. Included in all lessons is FREE online theory and hazard perception training.

I not only do driving lessons for learner drivers but I also cover Motorway tuition, Pass Plus, Driving Instructor training, Fleet training for business, Refresher Training and Taxi Driver training.

All tuition is tailored to suit individual needs to help you achieve your goals. Our aim is to help people become safe and responsible drivers, safe drivers for life.

Male and female instructors are available together with our training partners, who continue to develop there skills and methods to provide up to date tuition to help clients achieve there goals.

If you are looking for lessons for any of these areas please take a look at my profile, please note that I offer a discount for block bookings and I am happy to discuss your requirements with you whether you are a new starter or someone who has had some lessons or if you would like to update your skills or learn to drive more fuel efficiently.


Giving you the best start on your road to success - JG Drive strives to be innovative in its approach as a driving school to help those who are learning to drive.

Driving lessons for New, Novice & Expereinced drivers from a fully qualified DSA Approved Driving Instructor/Fleet Trainer.

- Standard Hourly Rate £29/£32* per hour (Manual/*Auto)

- Pass Plus registered

- DSA Fleet registered

- 1-2-1 Theory tuition (on request)

- Pay as you go driving course

- Block booking discounts available (on request)

- Motorway tuition

- Eco Driving (to reduce fuel bills)

- Refresher courses

- Night driving (Motorway & Non Motorway)

- Tailor-made INTENSIVE driving courses

- Driving Lesson GIFT vouchers and GIFT BOXES available

For more information, look at the website www.jgdrive.co.uk

Average rating for this instructor : 5.0 / 5 (34 reviews)

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Average rating 5.0

Reviews for JG Drive

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"I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor! Jonny is a really down to earth bloke and is good laugh, I remember about a year ago when I first started how nervous I was about driving and finding the right instructor was key.

Jonny is a great laugh and made me feel calm and relaxed, great banter but and even better instructor.

Even if I had felt like I'd had a bad lesson and felt down Jonny would always keep upbeat and help me analyse my mistakes and what to do to improve them.

Very flexible with lessons and could always fit me in, even a few late night lessons to prepare me for driving at night. Jonny was my instructor but he was more of a mate.

I've improved so much with my driving over the last year and that was down to him, and that was what lead to me passing me test first time! Just remember he always knows best even if you thing he's wrong :)

Jonny is a credit to what he does and if your just starting lessons and looking for an instructor... JG DRIVE - It's in the name!


Dylan Khag

My rating

"Jonny was my second driving instructor and I could not ask for a better instructor.

He taught me how I needed to be taught and I how I wanted to be taught which is what you need when you learn to drive but you don't get this of many instructors.

Jonny was always ready to calm you down when complete panic mode sets in and always ready to put you at ease and have a laugh aswell as being professional.

Would always recommend Jonny 100% ... He's what you need in a driving instructor!!"

Becki Poole

My rating

"Couldn't have asked for a better instructor to teach me how to drive, Jonny is a funny, easy going guy and will work around you and teach you how you want to be taught.

You can always count on Jonny to make you laugh whilst on a lesson and to calm you down if you're nervous!

I couldn't have asked for anyone better, would recommend him to anyone."

Tom Barkes

My rating

"My lessons with Jonny were great.

Jonny is very patient and will teach you around what is the best way to teach you.

He is very funny and easy going person and can have a good laugh while he is teaching you, makes you feel calm and not get nervous about driving.

He is very accommodating with lessons and will always work around what times are best for you and fit you in.

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Would recommend Jonny to anyone, helped me pass both tests."

Matt Flanaghan

My rating

"When you first learn to drive you are so nervous...you don't know how things will work out. But being with the right instructor could help you millions and that is exactly what Jonny did.

Put me at ease from the minute I got in the car, made me feel so comfortable so I could concentrate on the task at hand.

Would 100% recommend JG Drive to anyone!

Thank you for all your help and hard work, getting me to where I wanted to be!! :)"

Kelly Green

My rating

"Brilliant lessons with a brilliant guy!

Well good banter, always felt comfortable and never under pressure.

Chose the right instructor, hundred percentage :)

Absolutely amazing!!!"

Sophie Hobbs

My rating


Got my car now!

Passed both my Theory and Practical tests, thanks to JG Drive.

Jonny is a great character, making lessons fun with good banter, learns you what you wanna learn. helps in depth with your poor points.

Defo recommend Jonny, helped me pass first time in both tests, so well worth the time and money spent learning with him.

Feeling great with JG Drive :)"

Matt Guest

My rating

"Well my lessons with Jonny were great.

I didn't know what to expect, but had lots of fun learning to drive with him.

I was worried I would be the one talking too much, but nothing compared to Jonny.

I did use to tell myself I couldn't do it, but was often reassured.

Great driving school and built my confidence up massively. Thank you!"

Jade Reeson

My rating

"Thank you so much Jonny for guiding me through the parallel universe of driving that I never thought I could enter!!

Driving lessons with you have been fun, relaxed and I haven't been worried or embarrassed making silly mistakes (which I often did) he he!!

So so happy to have passed first time... thank you for giving your time and always having patience and faith in me

whoop whoop!!!!!

Much love xxxxx"

Claire Skilbeck

My rating

"My lessons with Jonny at JG Drive were second to none.

Alongside with his teaching style, throughout my lessons Jonny built my confidence up enough to give me my independence on the roads and feel completely safe with his teaching in the back of my mind.

After about my second lesson, I didn't even look at Jonny as a driving instructor as the banter between us felt like something of a mates, even if he did kick the wrong shaped ball :) That's what made driving lessons so fun and easy to get through. Hearing stories of my mates who were also learning to drive made me realise I'd chosen the right instructor!

For anyone looking to learn to drive I could not recommend JG Drive enough.

Thanks for giving me my licence Jonny! "

Jamie Cooper

My rating


"Jonny has been quite a role model not only in terms of learning how to drive; but how to be a person.

His teaching approach is second to none, avoiding the monotony of "mirror here", "don't cross your hands", "that will be 20 please";

and pursuing humour and attitude in a unique teaching method.

Learning to drive with him has been a pleasure, and I can only hope others have found his teachings as enlightening as I have.

There you are chief :) ""

Jonny Worsley

My rating

"As a very nervous driver I didn't think I would ever be able to pass my test,

however JG Drive helped me to overcome my fear of driving.

Greavesie made me feel very comfortable when driving, and now I feel very able and confident behind the wheel.

Thanks Greavesie, Couldn't have done it without you :)"

Emmajane Whitmore

My rating


I feel that you have got to enjoy learning to drive, and I definitely looked forward to each of my lessons, which made learning to drive that much easier with Jonny.

Jonny is very calm and patient and puts you at ease from the start.

He is very funny and easy to get along with. As well as this Jonny is very accommodating with lessons and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I couldn't have asked for anyone better to teach me.

Thank you very much boss!


Dom Rae

My rating

"I started driving just over two years ago with some other instructors. Though I found them to be good I got to a point were I got frustrated with myself and gave up. After a few months I decided to have another go. Swapping instructors. This time I chose JG drive. I found Johnny to be a relaxed, easy to get along with sort of person. He was incredibly helpful with my busy time schedule, running the lessons after work. The car was comfortable and easy to use, giving good all round performance.

Thanks to Jonny I passed first time. I don't think I could find a better driving instructor if I tried (No more cold bus stops).

Thanks again"

Ed Ford

My rating

"Brilliant driving instructor.

Would definitely choose Jonny if I had to do it all again.

His knowledge and experience certainly helped me to achieve the pass I wanted.

I was never the best listener and probably was not very easy to teach at times.

Massive thanks for putting up with me and everything else you've done pal!



Jamie Woodward

My rating

"I would just like to say 'Thank You' for teaching me and getting me through my test.

You were so understanding about my situationand patience, helpful, polite and all the 'good things' :)

I enjoyed learning with you.

Have a wonderful time ahead.

God Bless You !!

There is nothing I can give you in comparison of what you have given me; Just THANK YOU once again!

You are a great person !"

Sue Gurung

My rating

"Jonny Greaves is an excellent if not unmatched driving instructor.

I honestly believe that if not for his patience and commitment to get me to pass, I would still be learning now.

I recommend strongly that if you want to pass, he is the man to teach you!"

Lee Stilgoe

My rating

""I would highly recommend learning to drive with Jonny as the lessons are structured to what you think you need to improve on.

Any questions you may have would be answered at any time, even outside of lessons.

Even thou I'd mix up my left from my right, and vice versa, I would definitely recommend JG Drive!""

Lauren Creswell

My rating


Learning with JG Drive has been a pleasure. Jonny's style as an instructor applies to all different learning styles, incorporating visual aids as well as auditory, and a very relaxed approach to the practical driving experience.

Jonny looks to ensure that the learner driver has the best possible chance of a pass with his attention to the small details.

In that respect, Learning to drive can be a very daunting experience for some, but from my time with JG Drive I can assure any future customers of Jonny that your learning and individual driving experience are always at the forefront of his instruction.

Thanks Jonny


Adam Davies

My rating

""Big thanks to Jonny who has got me on the road !

Staying patient and calm with me to help me pass my driving test despite my lack of listening skills lol !

Thanks for making me feel confident enough to drive on the road on my own.

I would highly recommend.

Thanks again.""

Sean Walsh

My rating


I learned to drive through Jonny and was very pleased with every aspect of his teaching.

I was very nervous and honestly never thought I would feel confident driving. I was wrong!

He's a great bloke who comes highly recommended.

Theory test passed with top marks first time and driving test passed first time.

If he can teach me to drive he can teach anyone.

Thanks to him I've been driving for 2 years now :)


Jenna Louise Sabin

My rating

"Jonny helped me to pass my ADI part 2, enhanced practical driving element.

I really enjoyed my time with him, finding Jonny very knowledgeable.

Jonny also approached my training in a way which worked for me.

I would recommend Jonny for learner or advanced level training, in fact - I already have!"

Kallum Bell

My rating

"When you first learn to drive you are so nervous...you don't know how things will work out. But being with the right instructor could help you millions and that is exactly what Jonny did.

Put me at ease from the minute I got in the car, made me feel so comfortable so I could concentrate on the task at hand.

Would 100% recommend JG Drive to anyone!

Thank you for all your help and hard work, getting me to where I wanted to be!! :)


Kelly Green

My rating

"Instructor was able to help and support you throughout your driving experience.

Question sheets, picture sheets and online activities through the theory website.

Excellent service!"

Jake Hughes

My rating

"Well what can I say about JG Drive??

I found Jonny very helpful, patient and knowledgeable, always ready to help me with the areas I struggled with.

Always a good fun lesson and I would recommend him to anyone.

Thanks Jonny!


Louise Harrison

My rating

(No comments left)

My rating

"I Passed my driving test today (22/03/13) after four attempts.

This was the 1st time with my instructor Jonny Greaves.

When I came to him I was very unconfident due to failing three previous tests.

The lessons with him made me feel totally at ease and what info he gave me had made my confidence thru the roof hence why I passed 1st time with Jonny.

I reccomend anyone to take lessons with JG Drive.

Cheers Jonny!"

Tyler Morris

My rating

"I passed my driving test in February 2012 on my first attempt, thanks to a great driving instructor Mr Jonny Greaves.

He is very patient, supportive and understanding of his pupils needs. He always took things at my pace not his own.

Jonny's attitude towards me everytime I sat in the driving seat was very positive, making me feel very comfortable and calm. His support before and after passing my driving test is very much appreciated.

I would recommend Mr Jonny Greaves (JG Drive) to anybody seeking a first class drving instructor.

If he cannot help you to pass, then you do not deserve to be on the road!

Happy and safe motoring!"

Cordy Martin

My rating


Learning to drive with 'JG Drive' was a very good experience, The teaching was great, always helping to create a calm environment and supporting me to do my best and this helped me pass my test, any questions that I had would be answered and the lessons were set around what I wanted to practise.

Thanks Jonny"

Liam Hill

My rating

""After trying many previous driving instuctors I have finally found one who meets my needs. Starting of as a nervous driver, Jonny quickly got me more comfortable with driving and adapts his teaching methods to suit my learning style. During the theory test revision he was so helpful especailly with hazard perception which I was struggling on I was able to pass the theory test first time with good marks. I feel I am progressing so much more that I have been able to book my practical test and feel confident in passing. As always he ensures safety is a first priority and makes you feel comfortable and confident whilst driving. I would definetly reccomend him to anyone thinking of starting to learn to drive, or those like me who have tried other instructors and haven't felt comfortable. He is friendly and patient and always at the end of an email, text or phone call if you need any advice."

Susan Currie "

Susan Currie

My rating

"Having lessons with Jonny;

1) Was a really relaxed environment

2)When something needed addressing he was straight to the point which made it easier to learn

3)he didn't over pressure me

Thanks mate!"

Connor Slater

My rating

"Jonny was my driving instructor from March 2011 to July 2012. I found Jonny to be very clear with his explanations and instructions. I also found his teaching style supportive and he was always happy to adapt depending on my level of confidence. Jonny was always patient and regularly sought my feedback from our lessons with a view to gaining a greater understanding of my learning needs for future lessons.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jonny as an excellent driving instructor and was thrilled to pass my driving test first time with his support. I will always be grateful for this support which has lasted beyond my driving test, through the pass plus programme and extended to advice being offered when choosing my own car


Sara Ogden

My rating

"From the moment I signed up with my driving instructor Jonny Greaves, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to drive.

He is always punctual, is very patient with u, gives u tips on how to improve on things.

Couldn't have asked for a better instructor and would happily recommend him to anyone!!

Thanks Jonny


Kelly Garrett

My rating

"Thanks a lot to Jonny at JG Drive.

The lessons were loads of fun and very informative, and I am pleased to say I passed with a CLEAN SHEET!

Thanks again!

Nice one!"

Simon Feerick

My rating

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