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Comments from previous pupils

Below are comments from some of our previous pupils. Should you want to add your own comments, please use the contact form.

Martine Thomas, (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Absolutely amazing instructor highly recommended got my ASD son through his test 1st time. Friendly and super helpful. March 2019 learnt to drive Automatic passed 1st time.

Claire Bethell (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

ýBy far the best driving instructor. I never thought I would get over my nerves and it's taking time but I'm getting there.

Selina Williams (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Such a good instructor; very clear, very patient and has helped me achieve my test first time! I would strongly recommend Alpha Automatic. February 2019, learnt to drive Automatic with steering aid, passed 1st time.

David Greenwood, (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Haydn Jenkins at Alpha Automatic, Disability Driving instruction was recommended to me and I can't thank him enough for the help and advice he gave to me when I was looking into the possibility of getting back to driving after several years due to a medical condition. He advised me of the correct procedure and what I needed to do and following some lessons with himself identified the best way to achieve my goal, and provided me with a written report. I now have my updated licence and am about to have my vehicle adapted to allow me to drive again. I enjoyed my lessons with Haydn and enjoyed our conversations which made my lessons stress free. I would highly recommend Alpha Automatic, and would once again like to thank Haydn for his support and the report he provided." July 2017 Left Foot Accelerator, Adaptation Familiarisation Tuition

Peter Thornycroft (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

I was recommended to Haydn for hand Controlled Tuition by All Shropshire Mobility. I found Haydn to be very professional and instructive during the five one hourly Driving Sessions We had together In His Specially Adapted Car. He Gave me to the point accurate Tuition Reports. I Would highly Recommend Haydn! Sept 2017 Hand Control Familiarisation Tuition.

Vicky Marks (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Haydn is a very good instructor, puts you at ease and is patient with a great sense of humour! After multiple instructors and many years trying to learn to drive with anxiety, Haydn managed to get me through my test first time. Really recommend, couldn't have done it without him.

Alison Davies (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

I had 6 lessons with Haydn Jenkins. Who I found to be very professional, understanding and accommodating of my disability whilst putting me at ease as I learned driving an automatic vehicle with hand controls. Would recommend and definitely use again if needed. Jan 2018 Hand Control Familiarisation Tuition.

Lucy lourenco (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Paul is a fab driver instructor couldn't ask any more from him he mad me fill so relaxed from the 1st lesson I had with Paul and I'm cuming on very well with my driving and hopefully pass very soon

RB (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"After the accident which change my future I really, didn't know what to do, one of the guys from the Spinal Injuries Association put me in contact with Haydn, which was one of the changing points, he took control of my returning to driving. He is a genuine good guy, there were times when I thought I wouldn't get back to independent driving, Haydn never doubted me, his confident smile, and truly terrible jokes, made the process fun, he treated like a normal person not a Spinal Injury, he really knows his subject, and now I'm independently driving again. If you need help returning to driving you couldn't do any better than going with Haydn. Thanks for everything mate". April 2017 Combined Gas Brake Hand Controls Adaptation Familiarisation Tuition.

Maralyn Hepworth, (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"It is scarey learning to drive when you have been driving for 40 years. But not with my left foot. Haydn was patient, funny and even gave me practice of listening to jokes whilst driving. Such an important skill. I hope I'll not only be confident in driving with my left foot, but also a much better driver" April 2017 Left Foot Accelerator Adaptation Familiarisation Tuition.

Jason Davies (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"After finding Haydn for an Automatic lesson Haydn's a great teacher who's helped me immensely & helped me put me into shape to prepare for my test. Lots of information given & finally passing my test on the second attempt, Very highly recommended".

Tim Davies "able to adapt methods to suit everyone, was able to get my brother to pass and he has a few difficulties learning, Brilliant".

Angi Reilly (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Never thought that my son would pass his test. Haydn has been brilliant. Thank you so much, passed first time...wow. A really patient and professional driving instructor, Reliable and my son passed first time, Excellent service". February 2017 Liam learnt in Automatic & passed 1st time

Norma Cappaert (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Haydn thank you very much for speaking to our Parkinson support group earlier this month, we found the talk very informative and really appreciated the time and opportunities you gave after the talk for individual quires and questions from members" February 2017, Parkinson support group.

Lea Bodimeade (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Haydn we are so proud of Jezz's achievements he will now be able to live a more independent life knowing he can get out and about. We just wanted to say thank you he couldn't have done it without you all the best." September 2016, Jezz learnt in Automatic & passed 1st time.

Mark Johnson (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

I had a industrial accident at work and had not driven for over twelve months, I was put in contact with Haydn, not only did he contact me straight away, he fitted me in to a driving plan straight away, his professional but relaxed approach was appreciated and has got me back on the road many thanks, regards Mark." Sept 2016, Left Foot Accelerator Adaptation Familiarisation Tuition.

Liz Powel (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Haydn came to deliver a talk to my ADI association about teaching people to drive with Specific Educational Needs and Disabilities'. He came across as very professional, but friendly and approachable. I went away with a great deal more knowledge on the subject, and had numerous other ADIs tell me how enjoyable and informative it was. I will always go to Haydn for advice on this subject where he clearly has a vast experience and knowledge. He has a real passion for getting people the independence of driving, whatever their ability. That passion goes as far as helping other instructors to do the same. I wouldn't hesitate to call on his expertise again. Thank you once again, Haydn."

Daisy Nash (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Haydn is a good instructor because he takes into account the way my disability affects me. He is also very good at explaining what you have done wrong. He made me feel calm in different situations." Daisy learnt with Hi-Tech controls, in her own Drive from Wheelchair, automatic vehicle, & passed 1st time.


"My 17 year old daughter has Cerebral Palsy and is unable to walk. We attended the event yesterday, Friday 27th and as we arrived early I was able to book Brooke 5 test drives in 5 different vehicles with 4 variations on hand controls. Every one of her Instructors were a credit to their profession. Their communication skills, compassion, patience and understanding were exemplary, When Brooke is in a comfortable environment she smiles; yesterday she smiled all day! As the Dad of a disabled young lady who until yesterday had only viewed the world from her wheel chair, to see the sheer pleasure and delight your Roadshow, Exhibitors and in particular the Driving Instructors brought to my daughter was immeasurable. An emotional day for me, one I will treasure for all time." May 2016.

Jezz Foster (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Haydn is a brilliant driving instructor he teaches you how to drive properly, he is very calm person he a very nice caring person. He never shouts and you also if you pass your Theory test he buys you a CAKE" July 2016

Josh Towers (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

learnt to drive with Hand Controls, & passed 1st time. "Thank you Haydn for being very helpful and helping me pass 1st time. You're a great driving instructor." "Haydn has been a great driving instructor. He has been helpful, calm and very patient with me and helped me pass my test. We also had some good laughs as well but more serious when he needed to be. Thank you very much for all the help and I highly recommend Haydn."

Steven Tompkins ADI (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

" A very knowledgeable instructor, nothing much he doesn't know, very knowledgeable for those with physical or learning disabilities. Has helped many other instructors understand this unique market"

Sarah Lowe (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"I had not driven for about 12 months having deteriorated with my Multiple Sclerosis, so getting in the driving seat of a car was a huge thing for me, especially now I'd have to forget about my feet and use my hands to drive. However, Haydn was sooooo patient and calm with me which put me at ease straight away. I am very grateful to Haydn and would recommend his services to anybody else needing a re-introduction to driving. "

Sam Webster (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Thanks to Haydn, I have passed my driving test! He has been a really great instructor for me; very clear, knowledgeable, very patient and has made driving lessons something I look forward to every week. I would strongly recommend Alpha Automatic to any and all disabled drivers looking for the best tuition."

Deb Webster, "Thank you so much for your support of Sam during the learning to drive process. It's been great to know that he has been in safe hands with you. I've really appreciated your support through your knowledge of the Motability process and system as well as your great instruction for Sam. Many thanks and best wishes Deb."

Adam (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Haydn is very friendly and professional instructor, and he helped me pass my driving test first time. I can strongly recommend his services to anyone who's looking for a good instructor. P.S. Haydn has a great sense of humour! "

Sean Kidby (Learnt with Malcolm Dews)

Really patient understanding Instructor, nothing too much trouble and 1st rate Instruction.

Cath Alvis (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Brilliant instruction, gives relaxed tuition whilst being professional can't thank enough for bringing the confidence back to me, ready for my start back to driving, will recommend to all."

Will Martin (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Thanks to Haydn I passed my test 1st time with only three minors, he's a cracking instructor who was a pleasure to learn with! I highly recommend him! Many thanks Haydn Dec 2015

Jorge Gurden (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

After a negative experience with another driving instructor I was incredibly nervous and lacked confidence in my driving. Haydn was incredibly patient, polite and worked up my confidence and driving to respectable level where I was able to pass my test and drive independently with confidence.

Haydn is always punctual, polite, reliable and . Highly recommended!

Sean Brown (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Brilliant instructor very polite, professional and accommodating to people's needs I past my test back in 2013 and it has give me so much more inderpendance and it's all thanks to this man!

Micky Bushell (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Brilliant instructor very calm and helpful, was always there if needed to ask questions all round great time thank you for having me

James McCaskie (Learnt with David Fellowes)

Very well structured lessons with accurate planning.

Debbie Edis (Learnt with David Fellowes)

David has been great. I am a nervous learner and he has neen vey supportive offering encouragement and praise.

Animay (Learnt with David Fellowes)

Having had some difficulty with previous instruction, I am delighted to have found David Fellowes. I look forward to every lesson, knowing that all of my concerns will be swiftly and carefully addressed and that my all learning is done at my own pace. David is polite, friendly, knowledgeable and a constant reassurance. I feel safe and confident with his instructions and advise.

He has been more than willing to fit around my schedule, is always exactly on time and never finishes a lesson early. He concentrates fully on me during our lessons and I always feel that he is constantly assessing and changing depending on my reactions and what I need. He is a singularly capable teacher and is always able to answer even the silliest questions with utter sincerity and patience.

I am extremely pleased with the experience so far and I very much look forward to continuing my tuition.

Stephen Walker (Learnt with David Fellowes)

David is a excellent driving instructor, always very enthusiastic and encouraging. He explains everything in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner whilst being calm and helpful if you make an error. He makes learning to drive a fun and positive experience.

Donald (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

"Thanks very much for the very prompt report. I felt this was very well balanced and to the point, and I am sure will be very helpful to RDAC. I

will forward them a copy direct. Thanks also for your patience with me during tuition - I am afraid the Parkinsons makes me rather a ditherer! With very best wishes for the future."

Allison Newman (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

On high recommendation I chose Paul as my driving instructor, and a great choice I made. He was helpful, patient and calm which resulted in a first time pass! He really helped develop my confidence as a driver and I would highly recommend him.

(Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Passed first time and fitted so much in in only a few months!

Gaye Feeney (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

I took lessons with Paul and passed first time! Paul was very patient and explained everything in simple terms. In one word AMAZING.

Cath Winston (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

I passed my assessment. I've now ordered my new car. A big thank you for putting up with me and my driving.A calming instructor.

Donald (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Dear Haydn,

Thanks very much for the very pormpt report. I felt this was very well

balanced and to the point, and I am sure will be very helpful to RDAC. I

will forward them a copy direct.

Thanks also for your patience with me during tuition - I am afraid the

Parkinsons makes me rather a ditherer!

With very best wishes for the future,


Jane (Learnt with Shane Warren-searle)

Abbie (Learnt with Harold Dean)

Harold is an excellent driving instructor. He helped me to pass my theory and practical test first time. He is very understanding and patient and does not push you to do anything you are not comfortable with. He makes lessons comfortable to be in and he is very easy to talk too. I would highly recommend going with Harold for your driving lessons!!

Bethen Salisbury (Learnt with Harold Dean)

Harold is an excellent driving instructor, the way he teaches is easy to understand and will happily go over anything that you're unsure about as many times as you need. He is friendly and easy to get along with, which then makes you feel comfortable when driving. I would recommend him to all my friends and family needing lessons without a doubt.

Stacey collier (Learnt with Harold Dean)

Harold is a lovley man and a good driving instructor he encouraged me to carry on when I wanted to give up I wouldn't be we're I am today if it wasn't for him thank you so much x

Clare Leech (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Perfect. Brilliant instruction, calm and reassuring. Thank you so much for your time, help and support. Have recommended to many friends thinking of beginning lessons :D Thanks again.

Dylan Khag (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

I couldn't of asked for a better driving instructor! Jonny is a really down to earth bloke and is good laugh, I remember about a year ago when I first started how nervous I was about driving and finding the right instructor was key.

Jonny is a great laugh and made me feel calm and relaxed, great banter but and even better instructor.

Even if I had felt like I'd had a bad lesson and felt down Jonny would always keep upbeat and help me analyse my mistakes and what to do to improve them.

Very flexible with lessons and could always fit me in, even a few late night lessons to prepare me for driving at night. Jonny was my instructor but he was more of a mate.

I've improved so much with my driving over the last year and that was down to him, and that was what lead to me passing me test first time! Just remember he always knows best even if you thing he's wrong :)

Jonny is a credit to what he does and if your just starting lessons and looking for an instructor... JG DRIVE - It's in the name!

Becki Poole (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Jonny was my second driving instructor and I could not ask for a better instructor.

He taught me how I needed to be taught and I how I wanted to be taught which is what you need when you learn to drive but you don't get this of many instructors.

Jonny was always ready to calm you down when complete panic mode sets in and always ready to put you at ease and have a laugh aswell as being professional.

Would always recommend Jonny 100% ... He's what you need in a driving instructor!!

Tom Barkes (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Couldn't have asked for a better instructor to teach me how to drive, Jonny is a funny, easy going guy and will work around you and teach you how you want to be taught.

You can always count on Jonny to make you laugh whilst on a lesson and to calm you down if you're nervous!

I couldn't have asked for anyone better, would recommend him to anyone.

Matt Flanaghan (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

My lessons with Jonny were great.

Jonny is very patient and will teach you around what is the best way to teach you.

He is very funny and easy going person and can have a good laugh while he is teaching you, makes you feel calm and not get nervous about driving.

He is very accommodating with lessons and will always work around what times are best for you and fit you in.

I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Would recommend Jonny to anyone, helped me pass both tests.

Kelly Green (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

When you first learn to drive you are so nervous...you don't know how things will work out. But being with the right instructor could help you millions and that is exactly what Jonny did.

Put me at ease from the minute I got in the car, made me feel so comfortable so I could concentrate on the task at hand.

Would 100% recommend JG Drive to anyone!

Thank you for all your help and hard work, getting me to where I wanted to be!! :)

Sophie Hobbs (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Brilliant lessons with a brilliant guy!

Well good banter, always felt comfortable and never under pressure.

Chose the right instructor, hundred percentage :)

Absolutely amazing!!!

Matt Guest (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Got my car now!

Passed both my Theory and Practical tests, thanks to JG Drive.

Jonny is a great character, making lessons fun with good banter, learns you what you wanna learn. helps in depth with your poor points.

Defo recommend Jonny, helped me pass first time in both tests, so well worth the time and money spent learning with him.

Feeling great with JG Drive :)

Jade Reeson (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Well my lessons with Jonny were great.

I didn't know what to expect, but had lots of fun learning to drive with him.

I was worried I would be the one talking too much, but nothing compared to Jonny.

I did use to tell myself I couldn't do it, but was often reassured.

Great driving school and built my confidence up massively. Thank you!

Claire Skilbeck (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Thank you so much Jonny for guiding me through the parallel universe of driving that I never thought I could enter!!

Driving lessons with you have been fun, relaxed and I haven't been worried or embarrassed making silly mistakes (which I often did) he he!!

So so happy to have passed first time... thank you for giving your time and always having patience and faith in me

whoop whoop!!!!!

Much love xxxxx

Jamie Cooper (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

My lessons with Jonny at JG Drive were second to none.

Alongside with his teaching style, throughout my lessons Jonny built my confidence up enough to give me my independence on the roads and feel completely safe with his teaching in the back of my mind.

After about my second lesson, I didn't even look at Jonny as a driving instructor as the banter between us felt like something of a mates, even if he did kick the wrong shaped ball :) That's what made driving lessons so fun and easy to get through. Hearing stories of my mates who were also learning to drive made me realise I'd chosen the right instructor!

For anyone looking to learn to drive I could not recommend JG Drive enough.

Thanks for giving me my licence Jonny!

Jonny Worsley (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

"Jonny has been quite a role model not only in terms of learning how to drive; but how to be a person.

His teaching approach is second to none, avoiding the monotony of "mirror here", "don't cross your hands", "that will be £20 please";

and pursuing humour and attitude in a unique teaching method.

Learning to drive with him has been a pleasure, and I can only hope others have found his teachings as enlightening as I have.

There you are chief :) "

Emmajane Whitmore (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

As a very nervous driver I didn't think I would ever be able to pass my test,

however JG Drive helped me to overcome my fear of driving.

Greavesie made me feel very comfortable when driving, and now I feel very able and confident behind the wheel.

Thanks Greavesie, Couldn't have done it without you :)

Dom Rae (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

I feel that you have got to enjoy learning to drive, and I definitely looked forward to each of my lessons, which made learning to drive that much easier with Jonny.

Jonny is very calm and patient and puts you at ease from the start.

He is very funny and easy to get along with. As well as this Jonny is very accommodating with lessons and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

I couldn't have asked for anyone better to teach me.

Thank you very much boss!

Ed Ford (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

I started driving just over two years ago with some other instructors. Though I found them to be good I got to a point were I got frustrated with myself and gave up. After a few months I decided to have another go. Swapping instructors. This time I chose JG drive. I found Johnny to be a relaxed, easy to get along with sort of person. He was incredibly helpful with my busy time schedule, running the lessons after work. The car was comfortable and easy to use, giving good all round performance.

Thanks to Jonny I passed first time. I don't think I could find a better driving instructor if I tried (No more cold bus stops).

Thanks again

Jamie Woodward (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Brilliant driving instructor.

Would definitely choose Jonny if I had to do it all again.

His knowledge and experience certainly helped me to achieve the pass I wanted.

I was never the best listener and probably was not very easy to teach at times.

Massive thanks for putting up with me and everything else you've done pal!


Sue Gurung (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

I would just like to say 'Thank You' for teaching me and getting me through my test.

You were so understanding about my situationand patience, helpful, polite and all the 'good things' :)

I enjoyed learning with you.

Have a wonderful time ahead.

God Bless You !!

There is nothing I can give you in comparison of what you have given me; Just THANK YOU once again!

You are a great person !

Lee Stilgoe (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Jonny Greaves is an excellent if not unmatched driving instructor.

I honestly believe that if not for his patience and commitment to get me to pass, I would still be learning now.

I recommend strongly that if you want to pass, he is the man to teach you!

Lauren Creswell (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

"I would highly recommend learning to drive with Jonny as the lessons are structured to what you think you need to improve on.

Any questions you may have would be answered at any time, even outside of lessons.

Even thou I'd mix up my left from my right, and vice versa, I would definitely recommend JG Drive!"

Adam Davies (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Learning with JG Drive has been a pleasure. Jonny's style as an instructor applies to all different learning styles, incorporating visual aids as well as auditory, and a very relaxed approach to the practical driving experience.

Jonny looks to ensure that the learner driver has the best possible chance of a pass with his attention to the small details.

In that respect, Learning to drive can be a very daunting experience for some, but from my time with JG Drive I can assure any future customers of Jonny that your learning and individual driving experience are always at the forefront of his instruction.

Thanks Jonny

Sean Walsh (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

"Big thanks to Jonny who has got me on the road !

Staying patient and calm with me to help me pass my driving test despite my lack of listening skills lol !

Thanks for making me feel confident enough to drive on the road on my own.

I would highly recommend.

Thanks again."

Jenna Louise Sabin (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

I learned to drive through Jonny and was very pleased with every aspect of his teaching.

I was very nervous and honestly never thought I would feel confident driving. I was wrong!

He's a great bloke who comes highly recommended.

Theory test passed with top marks first time and driving test passed first time.

If he can teach me to drive he can teach anyone.

Thanks to him I've been driving for 2 years now :)

Kallum Bell (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Jonny helped me to pass my ADI part 2, enhanced practical driving element.

I really enjoyed my time with him, finding Jonny very knowledgeable.

Jonny also approached my training in a way which worked for me.

I would recommend Jonny for learner or advanced level training, in fact - I already have!

Kelly Green (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

When you first learn to drive you are so nervous...you don't know how things will work out. But being with the right instructor could help you millions and that is exactly what Jonny did.

Put me at ease from the minute I got in the car, made me feel so comfortable so I could concentrate on the task at hand.

Would 100% recommend JG Drive to anyone!

Thank you for all your help and hard work, getting me to where I wanted to be!! :)

chris (Learnt with Linda Morley)

I failed my test 3 years ago with

the another instructor and was nervous about getting back on the road with a new instructor, but Lin made it all so clear and easy and before i knew it. i had passed. thanks Lin!

Andy Larner (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Having not driven for many years and becoming disabled I was faced with a DSA driving appraisal in order to get my licence back as I had returned mine thinking I would not drive again I had quite a few lessons with Haydn to refresh driving skills I was extremely nervous about taking the appraisal but with encouragement from Haydn I got 9as and 2bs so I'm grateful to him and now awaiting my licence thanks mate, you really helped me

Andrew Larner Cannock Jan. 2014

Mary Lewis (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Haydn thank you. You made me feel like a person and not a fool.

you made me more calm and helped me a lot many thanks Haydn am going to drive now thanks to you.

Meera Bhandari (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Paul is an excellent instructor. I highly recommend him as he gives discount if u pay for block hours n doesnot charge extra on test day also hehe. I passed my driving test on first time n the whole credit goes to him because he always encouraged me when I was disappointed with my mistakes. He also helps you to develop your confident level. Moreover he is very polite, punctual n has good sense of humour which helps during driving lessons.

Elizabeth (Learnt with Paula Carter)

Paula is a great driving instructor and I would definitely recommend her to students. She was very good at understanding what I was and wasn't capable of, and then tailoring the lesson to cover what we needed to work on. I felt that she was able to put me at ease in situations that I was unsure of and encourage me when I lacked confidence. I felt very prepared going into my test and passed first time thanks to her help.

Harry (Learnt with HAYDN JENKINS)

Haydn is a very good instructor and knows about disability he always arrived in time, and help with my w/chair, got me through my test usin hand controls .

Chelsea drake (Learnt with Martin Wilson)

Fantastic driving instructor I would highly recommend Martin Wilson, I couldn't of passed with only 2 minors without all of his help and support.

Lisa North (Learnt with Richard Dennis)

Richard is a great driving instructor who was always patient and supportive. His lessons are really enjoyable and he helped build up my confidence as a driver and so thanks to him I passed first time! I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone

JOANNA RUSEK (Learnt with Richard Dennis)

Very pleased I chose to drive with Richard,

who is a great driving instructor.

Always arrives on time, always able to answer any

questions and you progress quickly.

Highly recommend. A massive thank

you Richard! Joanna

ILYA CHETVERIKOV (Learnt with Richard Dennis)

Just after receiving first response from Richard by e-mail I was sure that I made a right choice. Richard is highly professional and also one of the nicest person I know in London. He has helped me to effectively apply my previous experience as a driver from oversea in this country, being very considerate and friendly. We concentrated only on what was really necessary for me and I took just as many lessons as I needed. Strongly recommend to everyone, looking for a driving instructor.

yours, Ilya

Ashley Miranda (Learnt with Richard Dennis)

Richard was recommended by a friend of mine with great acclaim. From the word go, I knew I was in safe hands. He is an intuitive instructor, always alert, calm and to the point. Richard is very flexible and he knew how to target his teaching to meet the way I learnt. I was ecstatic when I passed first time under Richards guidance and it was a pleasure to have him as my teacher. I definitely recommend Richard, such so that my brother is next in line. Thank you ever so much Richard!

Flavio (Learnt with Paula Carter)

Paula is a great instructor, as she is calm and patient. Guided & supported me throughout, never got angry when I made mistakes. Instead corrected and allowed me to identify and work on my errors. Always on time or even early to lessons and never cancelled on me. I really appreciate the time and effort she put in to help me pass.

I recommend learner drivers to use her as an instructor!

alison crick (Learnt with Craig Preedy)

im a * mature * learner ..less than 12 months ago I was terrifed of driving , I gripped the steering wheel as though my life depended on it ! craig has such great patience and understanding, he puts you at ease and you learn to drive with confidence and safety in mind , always. I know that when I pass my test I will be a good driver if I remember what craig has taught me . I now love driving !

Danielle williams (Learnt with Craig Preedy)

Craig was amazing supporting me through my lessons patient and funny! Definatly recommend him!!

N Jackson (Learnt with Craig Preedy)

Craig was very patient with me. I was a nervous driver initially and he made me feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Both my sister and I were taught by Craig and I would recommend him to anyone.

Chhamamaya Pun (Learnt with David Fellowes)

David is a great driving instructor. As a complete beginner, I felt very comfortable with how David explained every manoeuvere before beginning the lesson. David is always on time for every lesson and very flexiable with personal schedules. In every lesson, I just feel like the time just passes by very quickly.

I got a great discount with the block bookings and it was worth every penny. I strongly recommend David for anyone who is willing to learn to drive.

Alex Bridges (Learnt with Gwyn John)

Hey Gwyn! Heres the testimonial I promised; Gwyn is an incredible instructor, he has the absolute knack for getting the best out of his students and his methods are fool proof. A top quality instructor and a top quality bloke...just a shame about his rugby affiliations! "

Safir Butt (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY to pass my driving test. MR. PAUL Kerr converted my failure into success. His style of teaching is nice polite, he is cool and confident person. So he inculcates these attributes in his Student. He is very friendly instructor. 100 out 100 for Paul Kerr.

Samira Shafiq (Learnt with Faisal Shafiq )

Faisal is a very good instructor giving me the confidence to drive independently. Having been with 2 other instructors before I felt Faisal was most professional.

James Cook (Learnt with Adam Smith)


I just wanted to say thank you for all help in getting me up to the standard to pass my driving test. I was previously with another instructor and so am able to say that in comparison you were a much better teacher. Your calmness and good sense of humour made driving with you a pleasure!

take it easy mate.


Rob Rogers (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

Colin is a fantastic instructor, I had previously had lessons with other instructors and had bad experiences, after 4 lessons with Colin I breezed through the theory test and scored just 1 minor fault on my practical test and it was not something Colin would have been able to teach my, it was purely nerves!

I would reccomend Colin to anyone who wants to pass first time with a very good score, a great guy who teaches in a great way and makes you feel at ease before you even get in the car.

Cant say enough good things about the man

highly recommended

Thanks Colin, you helped me no end

Gavin Dabill (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Fantastic lessons, from no driving experience to passed in a month was a near

miracle taking me from frequent staller who would panic under pressure to a pass

at the first go.

Instilled confidence, had great belief I could do it and positive attitude all

round. Great to get along with, a very personable and likeable character.

Never got frustrated once(at least didn't show it!) in the countless times I

messed something up.

Teaching-wise I doubt you would find better, everything is broken down into

manageable pieces until you can put all pieces of the puzzle together and

everything is made to feel easy.

If you are struggling on something Adam appears to have the patience of a saint

going over it time and time again until you feel confident with it.

Would definitely recommend Adam's Driving School to friends - thanks very much

for inspiring the confidence and belief that I could achieve my target for

passing(even I thought it might be a little bit ambitious judging where I was

starting from!)

Cheers, Gavin

Holly Medley (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Learning to drive was so enjoyable with Adam, i saw he had great reviews and from the first lesson he gave me back my confidence after my first driving instructor. He is calm and great at teaching always giving clear instructions, but more important always up for a laugh and makes learning to drive stress free! He even helped me all i needed to pass my theory. I would recommend Adam to anybody 10/10!

Ben Griffiths (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam is an excellent instructor, I can highly recommend him for learners who have taken lessons before and need a new instructor in order to pass. He was excellent at picking up on my bad habits and helping me correct them as well as building my confidence and helping me to relax." Catch you later man, Ben.

Freddie Phelps (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam is great, everything you would want from a driving instructor......organised, patient, thorough and honest. Adam will take you through the stages at the right pace getting you ready for your test as quickly as possible. I went from hating driving with a passion to actually enjoying being behind the wheel after just a few lessons with Adam. I would highly recommend him to anybody! Cheers Adam!

Zoe Armitage (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam is very approachable and friendly. He made me feel totally at ease, his

instruction was far better and more understandable than previous 2 instructors

that I've had. He made the lesson fun. I had no confidence, having failed 4

pervious tests with other instructors, going with Adam was the best thing I did,

he gave me loads of confidence which enabled me to pass my test with flying

colours. Would highly recommended Adam to other learners.

A very happy Zoe Armitage

Jake Hughes (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Instructor was able to help and support you throughout your driving experience.

Question sheets, picture sheets and online activities through the theory website.

Excellent service!

Louise Harrison (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Well what can I say about JG Drive??

I found Jonny very helpful, patient and knowledgeable, always ready to help me with the areas I struggled with.

Always a good fun lesson and I would recommend him to anyone.

Thanks Jonny!


(Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Tyler Morris (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

I Passed my driving test today (22/03/13) after four attempts.

This was the 1st time with my instructor Jonny Greaves.

When I came to him I was very unconfident due to failing three previous tests.

The lessons with him made me feel totally at ease and what info he gave me had made my confidence thru the roof hence why I passed 1st time with Jonny.

I reccomend anyone to take lessons with JG Drive.

Cheers Jonny!

Cordy Martin (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

I passed my driving test in February 2012 on my first attempt, thanks to a great driving instructor Mr Jonny Greaves.

He is very patient, supportive and understanding of his pupils needs. He always took things at my pace not his own.

Jonny's attitude towards me everytime I sat in the driving seat was very positive, making me feel very comfortable and calm. His support before and after passing my driving test is very much appreciated.

I would recommend Mr Jonny Greaves (JG Drive) to anybody seeking a first class drving instructor.

If he cannot help you to pass, then you do not deserve to be on the road!

Happy and safe motoring!

Liam Hill (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)


Learning to drive with 'JG Drive' was a very good experience, The teaching was great, always helping to create a calm environment and supporting me to do my best and this helped me pass my test, any questions that I had would be answered and the lessons were set around what I wanted to practise.

Thanks Jonny

Susan Currie (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

"After trying many previous driving instuctors I have finally found one who meets my needs. Starting of as a nervous driver, Jonny quickly got me more comfortable with driving and adapts his teaching methods to suit my learning style. During the theory test revision he was so helpful especailly with hazard perception which I was struggling on I was able to pass the theory test first time with good marks. I feel I am progressing so much more that I have been able to book my practical test and feel confident in passing. As always he ensures safety is a first priority and makes you feel comfortable and confident whilst driving. I would definetly reccomend him to anyone thinking of starting to learn to drive, or those like me who have tried other instructors and haven't felt comfortable. He is friendly and patient and always at the end of an email, text or phone call if you need any advice."

Susan Currie

Connor Slater (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Having lessons with Jonny;

1) Was a really relaxed environment

2)When something needed addressing he was straight to the point which made it easier to learn

3)he didn't over pressure me

Thanks mate!

Sara Ogden (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

“Jonny was my driving instructor from March 2011 to July 2012. I found Jonny to be very clear with his explanations and instructions. I also found his teaching style supportive and he was always happy to adapt depending on my level of confidence. Jonny was always patient and regularly sought my feedback from our lessons with a view to gaining a greater understanding of my learning needs for future lessons.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jonny as an excellent driving instructor and was thrilled to pass my driving test first time with his support. I will always be grateful for this support which has lasted beyond my driving test, through the pass plus programme and extended to advice being offered when choosing my own car”

Kelly Garrett (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

From the moment I signed up with my driving instructor Jonny Greaves, I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to drive.

He is always punctual, is very patient with u, gives u tips on how to improve on things.

Couldn't have asked for a better instructor and would happily recommend him to anyone!!

Thanks Jonny

Simon Feerick (Learnt with Jonny Greaves)

Thanks a lot to Jonny at JG Drive.

The lessons were loads of fun and very informative, and I am pleased to say I passed with a CLEAN SHEET!

Thanks again!

Nice one!

Shane Hartley (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Hello, my name is Shane Hartley I am 42 years old and never thought I would be able to drive. I started having lessons with Adam in February 2011. He was very helpful and had a lot of patients with me as I was very nervous and didn't have much confidence. I kept it up and found the experience very rewarding. I went on to pass my test first time with only 5 minors in November. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who wants to learn to drive. If I can do it anyone can.

Shane Hartley.

Grant Mwebe (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam is a very friendly and top-notch instructor who helped me deal with all my nerves right from the first moments of my first lesson in September 2011. He is very helpful and has an abundance of patience, which helped me build my confidence. He will never tell you off if you make mistakes but will work with you to eliminate them and build up your driving skills. As a result, I passed my test first time with only 3 minors in January 2012. I would highly recommend Adam Smith to anyone wishing to take driving lessons. – Grant Mbewe.

Stefan Epler-snow (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Driving lessons with Adam were such good times, even the messier times involving pheasants. He really is a great teacher and will see you right through from your nervous first lesson to making you feel relaxed come the big test day. Lessons were always fun and he is very patient with people who generally aren't very good. Just make sure you don't owe him any money! Joking aside, if you are thinking about learning to drive, he is your man! Cheers for everything Adam,


Melissa Broadwell (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I really enjoyed my lessons and found it quite helpful when you talked me through everything whilst i was driving.

So grateful for you being my instructor :)

Hannah Smith (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I would highly recommend learning to drive with Adam. His teaching style is one that builds confidence and provides the necessary skills to be a safe driver, as well as making sure you are comfortable behind the wheel from the first lesson. The additional insights, practical advice, mock tests and critique helped me greatly and gave me the grounding to pass first time. Many thanks, Hannah.

Kyle Allen (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Just want to say a big thank you for helping me learning to drive, and ultimately pass my test. After two unsuccessful attempts with previous instructors I was delighted that you made the process simple from start to finish. You made me feel relaxed, explained exactly what we were going to be doing, and always looking to encourage me wherever possible. I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without you!

Nathan Hutchinson (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Would like to give a big thank you to Adam for the help and support he offered on helping me through my exam. He is a fantastic instructor and would recommend to anybody. He is clear and supportive and if unsure he will he will go through it again he is now currently teaching my younger brother who now only after few lessons is showing great confidence and speaks highly of him to everybody. Again a big thank you.

With Kind Regards

Nathan Hutchinson

Krystie Winstanley (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam Smith was a very welcoming driving instructer and made me feel very comfortable in the car while driving. He filled me with confidence when taking both my Theory and Pratical Test. Amazing insturcter imformative and confident.

Keesha Briscoe (Learnt with Adam Smith)

"I had the unforeseen stress of changing driving instructors with only two weeks to my practical test. However, Adam instantly calmed me with his highly professional, reassuring and funny nature. Four lessons later and I had passed my practical test!! I just wish I had had Adam as my driving instructor from the very start!!"

Thanks again!


Vicky Colquhoun (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Absolutely brilliant lessons!!!!

second driving instructor I've had and definitely the best, the lessons were relaxed but informative and I went on to pass my test first time. Would recommend any learner to call Adam!!!! Cheers much appreciated x

Georgie Gray (Learnt with Adam Smith)


Thank you very much for helping me pass, you gave me confidence and a laugh at the same time and i wouldn’t have asked for more. I never thought i’d pass for the first time, i was so shocked, thank you so much and i hope no one drives in to a wall with your car.

Best Wishes and Many Thanks

Georgie Gray.

Thomas Cooke (Learnt with Adam Smith)

“For some, beginning to learn to drive is a fun and exciting challenge. For others, it is a scary and daunting prospect. I was one of the latter… However, with Adam’s friendly encouragement and patience, what could have been a chore became a real pleasure, both my brother and I passed our tests first time. As a learner, the bad practices and selfish driving habits of other road users can really shake your confidence, especially if you’re already nervous about beginning to drive. A friendly driving instructor can make all the difference though, and for that reason I cannot recommend Adam highly enough. Happy driving!”

Thanks again for all your help. Very happy about today’s result.

Will be in touch re. Pass Plus.



Paul Devlin (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I would like to thank Adam for all his help whilst learning how to drive,and PASSING my TEST FIRST TIME !!! Adam a first class driving instructor who gives you confidence in your own abilities,ironing out any issues along the way and always in a calm assured manner,which i found invaluable in passing,thanks again Adam

Aisling Callaghan (Learnt with Adam Smith)

From the very first time I drove with Adam, he set out a clear plan of what we were going to do during the lesson; each new lesson builds on the one before it which meant I could see real progress in my driving skill and confidence even in a short space of time. Adam is patient, ensures you pay attention to detail, and a good laugh once you're confident enough to have a conversation and drive at the same time (I take it for granted now but it does take a little while!) Adam really is a fantastic driving instructor and I couldn't have passed so well without him. Thank you so much for making my learning experience such an enjoyable one!

Have a lovely summer, all the best :)

Kevin Deakin (Learnt with Adam Smith)

If Carlsberg done Driving Instructers.....then she would have been a buxom blonde ...however since they don't then Adam is the next best thing.

He explains everything well, is precise and patient and puts you at ease straight away. I didn't think I had a chance of passing my test first time but with Adam's planning I sailed through. We had a good laugh throughout and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adam.....cheers mate you are brilliant....I hope we cross paths again.

Simon Emajaro (Learnt with Adam Smith)

" Adam deserves a gold medal for the highest quality of instruction and support he provided whilst I was learning to drive.

His teaching methods are clear and precise and explained at a level which are easy to understand.

I would recommend him to anybody who is after a top level instructor.

Thanks for everything Adam,


Simon "

Layla Marks (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I began my driving lessons on March 4th 2012 and passed my test on the first attempt on August 1st 2012.

As a nervous passenger I was equally nervous when I began my lessons but Adam made me feel very at ease behind the wheel which really helped with both progression and confidence. Everything is explained in detail and made very easy to understand and any questions I wanted to ask were answered as well.

In addition to that Adam is very patient and calming which was comforting during any bad lessons where I made mistakes and he soon builds your confidence back up.

Overall, I was very happy with the lessons, the instructing and the price per lesson too. Highly reccomended!

john Colby (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I came to Adam for driving lessons and practiced his tuition in my girlfriends

car as well. He is friendly and informative and very patient. He even let my

girlfriend sit in on lessons so that she could ensure I was doing everything

correctly. His explanations were very clear and he was able to diffuse and

de-stress me if ever I became anxious or frustrated with myself. I would

definitely recommend Adam Smith and would like to thank him again for helping me

pass first time.

Thanks Adam!

John Colby

Stephen Knowles (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam was a brilliant instructor to learn with. I had less than 15 lessons with Adam and passed my test within 8 weeks. My lessons were all very specific towards my individual needs and we worked on my particular weaknesses until we were both confident in that particular area. I would recommend Adam to anyone as I found every lesson very relaxed from the beginning and never felt nervous about going on the roads despite how little experience I had prior to my lessons.

Steve Knowles, Horsforth

Lisa Marie-Hayes (Learnt with Adam Smith)

My driving lessons were fab! Got the freedom of been able to just drive around

and build my confidence up! Adam is a brilliant instructor and can have a laugh

with him :) thanks Adam will defiantly recommend you to others! Would not have

done it without you! :) x

Bryony Grimshaw (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I've passed :) I took my test 2 weeks later and passed with 5 minors! Took it in

my own car and been driving everyday since. Nobody can believe that i passed in

a month and a half of never driving before. Thank you so much for teaching me,


Marcus Chavasse (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I had a great time learning to drive with Adam. I was worried that it would turn

into a chore but I looked forward to every lesson, we always had a laugh but

also made visible progress each time which filled me with confidence. It's

almost a shame that I passed!

Megan Brown (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I found Adam through "just Driving" the company he worked for before he went private.

I had had previous bad experiences with my last driving instructor so was rather nervous to meet him.

Straight away Adam made me feel relaxed and happy and put me in the driving seat straight away.

Instead of making me cry when I've done something wrong, he's made me laugh and has been, not only

and excellent driving instructor but a really good friend. His lessons are fun, informative and never a

waste of time. He lets you decide what you want to work on so you feel like you're getting your moneys

worth and helps to give you more confidence within driving.

He has given me a passion for driving and has somehow taken me from not having a clue to having a

PINK driving licence in my purse!!

I cannot recommend Adam enough, thank you so much Adam!

You and your awful jokes and stories will be missed (A LOT)

Megan xx

Abraham Bwalya (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam gives you the chance to develop your skills in a safe, calm and sociable environment. Everything you do is at your own comfortablepace and you’re not forced to do anything you don’t feel 100% ready for. People sometimes have this perception, that driving instructors want to keep you in the car as long as possible to generate profit. With Adam this wasn’t the case, the first thing he asked me was “what is your target test day”. He then advised me this was realistic and his experience meant he got me ready for the target date and I PASSED MY TEST FIRT TIME! One of Adams key qualities is that he has many customers but treats each one individually. He never forgets what you did the previous lesson as he has It all documented, this means each lesson you are focusing on your weaknesses rather than areas you already feel comfortable in. This teaching method means you get full value for money as each lesson you are learning new skills. Adams high professionalism meant he was always on time for lessons, and kept you fully updated for your next appointment. Overall I enjoyed Adams calm nature and his sense of humour as he aIways had a story or two that would keep youentertained. I would like to take this time to Thank Adam for helping me pass my test first time!! I would RECOMMEND Adam to any one what ever your driving experience is. Not only a driving instructor but also a full time LEGEND J.

Abraham Bwalya

Ileshia Storey (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam is an excellent, reliable instructor who made me feel at ease and comfortable in every session. His lessons are enjoyable and I looked forward to learning...rather than dreading it.

I had been learning to drive with other instructors previously and felt like I wasn't progressing. Adam definitely changed this and gave me the skills and confidence I needed to then pass my test.

I would recommend learning to drive with him to anyone. Thanks

Ileshia Storey

Joe Campbell (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Thanks for your friendly and helpful tuition that got me through

my test first time (at a fair price too). I'll be recommending you to anyone I

know who wants to learn.


Joe Campbell

Gabby Jackson (Learnt with Adam Smith)

“ Following lessons with other instructors ( unsuccessfully) and with a dent in my confidence as a result, a friend of mine recommended Adam. What struck me about Adam from the first lesson was his professional yet easy demeanour and patient teaching style. In the past I had encountered instructors who tried to rush me in my learning, chastised me when making errors and expected that following one demonstration I would be able to competently complete manoeuvres, adding unnecessary pressure. With Adam any manoeuvre was repeated as many times as I needed to without judgement or impatience and errors were reflected on and discussed calmly to highlight what could have been done better.

At the beginning of each lesson feedback was given to me on my last drive and the learning objectives of the next lesson were discussed, helping me keep on track with my progress and areas for improvement. This could all be provided to me via email should I have wished to maintain a record, something which I had not encountered elsewhere and found a really helpful tool.

Nothing was too much trouble for Adam in the course of my lessons, he provided everything I needed to be able to pass my test first time ( psychologically and practically) and gave me the confidence to do so. I will be recommending him going forward to any learners out there who want a professional and enjoyable learning experience which gets results.”

Chris Eveleigh (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam was approachable and easy to get along with. I found it easy to explain any issues I had with him and we discussed ways we could improve together. In the beginning Adam made me feel comfortable in the car, as I was nervous and I felt able to not make mistakes when I initially began lessons. I found arranging lessons with Adam very easy and he was very flexible with his times and where he picked me up and dropped me off. Adam was very good at understanding my rate of development and knowing what I was capable of and how best to improve things I wasn’t as good at.

Leanne Newall (Learnt with Adam Smith)

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for being such an amazing

driving instructor! When I started all I wanted was to learn quickly so I could

pass my test before my first baby comes along. You got me to that point with a

lot of care and a brilliant amount of patience, and I didn't realise how much I

would enjoy it, too. Things will be much easier for my little family now, and we

are hopefully going to be buying our first car next week (a Peugeot on your


Thanks again and I will be in touch. Have a nice Christmas!

Leanne x

Zoe Hodgson (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Thank you for all my lessons, I really enjoyed them and felt that I improved

every week. I felt confident on my lessons and if I did something wrong you

never shouted or got angry. Thank you :)

Christopher Robinson (Learnt with Adam Smith)


Adam has been the best driving instructor i have had, he was very calm and very reassuring and made driving a joy able experience as before i entered the car i was a nervous wreck but an hour with Adam and i was as cool as a cucumber after my first lesson he sat me down and we worked out a scheduled plan on what we would get done over a period of weeks and we did exactly that. I believe Adam to be the best teacher you could have in an instructor as Adam comes up with all kinds of fresh ideas when it comes to learning all the maneuvers which helps everyone's learning style and ability to drive he keeps all of his students safe and always knows how to keep his students from getting too stressed out on what can be some of the most stressful times of life driving.

I would just like to finish this email by thanking Adam so much for helping learn to drive his teaching method tout me to learn to drive in a matter of lessons and before i knew it i was on the road with a shiny pink license he give me the confidence to never give up and to always keep my eye on what i want in life and at the time this is what i wanted so thank you so much Adam yo have changed my life for the better now i have passed and i look forward to seeing you on my pass plus scheme.

Cheers Christopher.

Joe Leslie (Learnt with Adam Smith)

"Thanks for everything Adam, you were a fantastic teacher. From the very beginning you made me feel extremely comfortable and allowed me to learn at my own pace. I always appreciated you asking me at the start of every lesson if there were any aspects of driving which I was less confident with and then tailoring each lesson to pay specific attention and allow me to improve on these.

What I think was perhaps most important was that you were always patient and never got frustrated with me, even when I did with myself which was far too often! Thanks again, I shall be sure to recommend you to any of my friends who are wanting to learn to drive, if you could get me to a stage where I felt confident enough to pass then I’m sure you can do the same for anyone!"

Joe Leslie

Emma Herbert-Davies (Learnt with Adam Smith)

Adam Smith – probably one of the best instructors in the area. Adam taught my daughter to drive from scratch and he was always professional, patient and put Charlotte at ease. Above all Adam is great at making beginners feel confident and bringing out their best. He was always available to answer questions even if it was late in the evening and we always felt that he put 100% into his job and nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend Adam to anybody wanting to learn to drive – you will be in safe hands.

Emma Herbert-Davies

Matthew Peel (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

Colin is a very good instructor. I was made to feel comfortable from my first lesson onwards. He covered all aspects of driving thoughout my lessons and his instructions were clear and easy to interpret. All my questions were answered concerning any aspect of driving. I believe he really helped to increase my confidence in driving over the weeks and he also helped to calm my nerves before my test. He took it as his responsibility in his job for me to pass my test, which helped me to have confidence in my own ability.

Bruna Remesso (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

I highly recommend Paul if you are looking for a driving instructor. He is very professional and has your interests at heart. I was a nervous learner driver but Paul never once lost his temper and always tried to think how he could adapt the lesson to fit my needs. If you want to learn how to drive and pass your test then Paul is the right person to teach you. Also found his prices to be quite competitive and very good value.

Jay (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Absolutely spot on, very proffesional, great teacher, made me feel very comfortable. I would definaely recommend Paul, you will not be disappointed.

Arlene (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Very patient, precise and very encouraging!!

Cheryl, Fulham (Learnt with Vickie Ambrose)

I started my driving lessons with Vickie and she has been excellent! She taught me everything I needed to know to drive a car correctly with proper control and safety. She gave me clear instructions, clear explanation with all the guidance needed. She helped me develop my confidence and self believes in becoming a good driver. Her technique, her calm and well mannered approach when teaching me to drive was absolutely fantastic, exactly what I needed. She took time to understand me as a person and design her teaching methods in a way that worked for me. I truly had a great experience learning to drive with Vickie and without any doubt I will be recommending her to all my friends. With Vickie it is not just about passing your driving test, although I passed on my first attempt, it's also about being able to drive effectively and safely with confidence.

Sarah from Chelsea (Learnt with Vickie Ambrose)

I am in my late forties with 2 children and haven't really driven since passing my test 30 years ago! I was a very nervous driver when I started my lessons with Vickie. From the start Vickie encouraged me by teaching me clearly and confidently. Most importantly I was never made to feel silly and she has made me believe that I can be a safe and confident driver. Vickie is an excellent Instructor, always punctual and professional and good fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

shalini (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Georgia (Learnt with Mandy Pidgeon)

Mandy is such a good instructor, I passed both my theory and test first time. I was one of the first to do the new test and despite not knowing much about it yest, she still helped me pass!

Thomas (Learnt with Jason G)

Thanks for all your help,could not of done it with out you.

anisha (Learnt with Jason G)

passed my test with jason, very patient and positive, also done my pass plus with him as well. thanks for all your help.

Alex b (Learnt with Jason G)

jason was recommened to me by a friend who he also taught to drive and passed first time. I am pleased to say that i passed my test first time and would definatley recommend him to any one looking to learn to drive.

Nicholas (Learnt with Jason G)

Excellent instructor, passed first time with jason. would recommmend him to anyone.

LESLEY ELLIS (Learnt with Margaret Conroy)

I was an extremely nervous 43 year old learner. Maggie was very patient with me and thanks to this lady have been driving round for 6 years.

Lauren Fawkes (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

I think Colin was a fantastic driving instructor, I wouldn't have passed without all of his help!! He is very patient and very helpful! Thank you Colin!! :) xx

Abdul Mohamud (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

I have been taught to drive by Collin and I really, really appreciated and benefited from every lesson I have taken with him. He is a very articulate, meticulous instructor and knows what matters most. I passed first time just few weeks after being instructed by him and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is result-oriented and wants quick success.

Pooja (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

Colin was a fantastic driving instructor. He was always incredibly enthusiastic and his friendly attitude helped me relax during my lessons - and on test day!

Initially I did find manoeuvres difficult but Colin was very patient and helped me learn at my own pace. His local knowledge was also excellent and this provided me with a great advantage when it came to test day.

All the lessons were tailored according to what I needed to improve and my progress was recorded in a personal log book; I found this very helpful as I could take it away after my lessons and practise on my areas of weakness.

He was always punctual and incredibly reliable. Most of all, Colin did not just help me to pass the test, but he taught me how to drive safely and with confidence. If you're looking to become a safe driver for life, I would definitely recommend Colin.

Simon Philpott (Learnt with Margaret Conroy)

Thanks to Margaret I passed my test 3 years ago, I have been with a few instructors over the years and never stuck to the whole learning to drive. I contacted Margaret and we started doing two hours a week, I am not the easiest person to teach and she was very understanding, always putting me at ease if I panicked whilst driving. Since passing my test I have recommended a friend to Margaret and she is now nearly test ready.

Margaret is a fantastic person and a great teacher, anyone who goes with Margaret is in good hands :)

Tania Vanessa Borsig (Learnt with Antony James)

Thank-you so much for your professionalism, patience and understanding of how each person learns best. I was very anxious about learning to drive but the minute I sat in the car with you I was reassured that I could do it! I passed first time and it meant so much, thank- you Antony!

Iain Park (Learnt with Margaret Conroy)

I had lessons from Margaret who help me pass on my first test.

Margaret is a very firm but fair and conscientious instructor. She has a very keen eye for detail and insures that every part of your instruction is catered for.

Every lesson I took was an hour long and during this time we covered every aspect of driving, from practical driving to theory revision.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Margaret as a driving instructor to anyone wishing to learn to drive CORRECTLY!

Bradley d (Learnt with Mandy Pidgeon)

Very good at teaching how to drive and explains clearly of what to do

Fiona (Learnt with Mandy Pidgeon)

Mandy is an excellent instructor. Such a kind and friendly person who made me feel completely at ease even on my first lesson. I didn't feel at all under pressure when I made mistakes and I was comfortable to ask about anything I was unsure of.

Mandy was very patient from day 1 and allowed me to learn at my own pace.

I looked forward to each lesson as she was a joy to learn with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start having lessons!

Amy (Learnt with Mandy Pidgeon)

I think Mrs P is an amazing driving instructor. She is friendly and made me feel comfortable within her car, from my first lesson! I would recommend her to anyone and in fact, have just arranged with my little sister to start her learning experience with Mandy! As happy as I was to pass my driving test, it meant that I missed out on my weekly lessons with Mandy, which is sad :(

Mandy is friendly, helpful and without her help, I probably wouldn't have passed my practical first time. She was always happy to help and very patient with anything I didn't quite understand or get the hang of first time.

She was so great, I even named my first car 'Mandy' in her honour! If anyone asked, I would ALWAYS recommend Mrs P, and only her.

Lee Chatters (Learnt with Mandy Pidgeon)

Mandy is an amazing instructor

john naghten (Learnt with Mandy Pidgeon)

mandy got me through my test could not have done it with out her she was excellent at her job thank you mandy

Catherine Nugent (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

- Very patient.

- Pleasant.

- Cheerful.

- Reliable.

- Welcoming.

- Concentrated on weak points until they were made right.

- Calm.

Overall a great instructor with many years of experience. :)

Hayley (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Paul was a brilliant instructor. Very friendly and personable, he was good fun to sit with for a few hours each week.

If I were to pick one specific thing that stood out for me that makes him such an excellent instructor, it would be the way he explained things so clearly and concisely. You can tell from his years of experience that he knows what works with his pupils and he really understands how to articulate everything in a simple, effective and memorable way. He never made me feel rushed

Medlyn (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Highly recommended! Very patient instructor. He taught me everything I need to know to become a good driver.

Ellis Rogers (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Great instructor, felt really calm and relaxed during lessons and have learnt so much

Nazma miah (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

I would definitely recommend Paul, his a well prepared patient experienced instructor, although I had little faith in myself, I passed first time round thanks to paul!

Mahnoor (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Very helpful instructor who covers everything you need to learn in a concise, thorough manner.

Zoe Nealon (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Great instructor, very patient and has a good method of teaching. Paul has lots of experience and an impressive pass rate. Myself and 4 friends have passed with him.

Daniel (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

Excellent Instructor, passed my test first time within a short amount of time thanks to Colin. Very happy with the service he provided and the prices were great too. I wish Colin all the best and would recommend him to anybody!

Laura (Learnt with PAUL KERR)

Passed my test first time thanks to Paul. Highly recommended!

Rebecca (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

Colin is very friendly and easy to get along with which makes the lessons more enjoyable and relaxing. he teaches you everything you need to know in detail and at your own pace and also makes sure that you know how to do each step before moving on. he also gives you different techniques to try to see which one suits you best and makes it easier for you to remember for your test date. i passed my test first time as he also has a very high pass rate.i was very pleased and grateful with all the time and effort he put into my lessons to help me pass first time.

John Roberts (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

Colin is by far the best instructor I had, and i had a few before i passed my test. Colin gives you the confidence to get behind the wheel, and start driving. His teaching style is very unique as he doesn't stop and talk for over half the lesson, He let's you drive, and then when you stop, let's you tell him where you fell you have gone wrong, before explaining himself. This allows you to recognise areas of improvemnet required for yourself. By far the most honest driving instructor i know, as he doesn't make yuou sit hours of lessons if they are not required, he just tells you the amount yiou need and no more, and with a proven pass rate of over 95% you can see why he is such a popular instructor, with both young and old, males and females. I would recommend Colin to anybody looking to drive, well above all your, AA, and Red driving schools.

Catherine Nugent (Learnt with Colin Taylor)

- Enthusiastic.

- Saw my flaws & focused most on what I needed to practice on.

- Cheerful.

- Made every lesson a well spent one.

- Welcoming.

Overall a very good instructor, can't state any flaws. After all I did pass !

Mandy was so great I even named my first car "Mandy" in her honour! ..

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